To you we may be a new name in consulting. To consultants, we’re the new way of thinking.


Established in 1996, Boffin & Fundi is a black-owned company that boasts an Empowerdex AAA rating – Level 2.  Over the last 21 years, Boffin & Fundi has mastered a seamless solution for implementing the trifecta of effective revenue optimisation, information technology and engineering solutions for local government and private companies in the municipal and utilities, telecommunications, retail, and financial services sectors.


Boffin & Fundi offers our clients an end-to-end solution for protecting, enhancing and growing revenues. Our

integrated and holistic Kingpin™ approach also provides mission-critical consulting, and detailed process and service audits. We contrive strategies, reengineer processes and implement a bespoke technology eco-system that starts with smarter data and ends with better billings. Irrespective of whether our clients need brilliantly engineered infrastructures, or smart dashboard-driven control, we offer guaranteed service outcomes.


In a world of narrow margins, our unique approach brings smart proprietary technology to the art of constructive advice and precise outcomes across internal and external (engineered) infrastructures. The deployment and maintenance of our fully integrated

Kingpin™ revenue management processes and technologies system provide our clients an ability to monitor and improve internal and external performance.


Our user-driven, real time, digital dashboards put clients in the driver’s seat, providing explicit performance information to support a carefully conceived and structured journey to reach agreed goals.  As such, Boffin & Fundi provides clients with the strategic, conceptual, perceptual and concrete frameworks for radically improved performance.


Talent works, but genius creates. It takes a touch of genius to go against the flow. Precisely the kind of thinking you’ll get from Boffin & Fundi.


Along with a 360˚ view of the future.

Our Purpose

We are fully focused on improving the performance of our clients through effective revenue management, optimisation and growth. Your top line is our top priority.

Our Value

Boffin & Fundi's revenue optimisation offering makes Rands and sense. It is built upon 3 pillars: revenue protection, enhancement and growth, across your revenue-generating services.

Our KINGPIN Process

We make it our business to fully understand the challenges facing our clients. We develop, deploy, manage and monitor the solutions to these challenges.


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