The innovative new leak detection technology

Boffin & Fundi’s Kingpin AQUADUCT™ is the complete and comprehensive solution for leak monitoring, repair and pipe maintenance.

AQUADUCT™ employs Cloud-based water leaks-monitoring software and hardware to analyse acoustic signals from fixed sensors on a daily basis. These signals trace and pinpoint small to large leaks while preventing pipe bursts.

The system informs you in real time with certainty when a leak is starting to develop, giving you its exact position long before the damage is caused. The Kingpin AQUADUCT™ detection system is based on correlating sensors that integrate 3G cellular communication, GPS synchronization and cloud-based automatic signal processing. Kingpin AQUADUCT™ automates the process and makes you less dependent on human expertise and less subject to human error.




Kingpin’s AQUADUCT™ acoustic sensors are installed on the water supply infrastructure and can monitor the entire water system of a suburb, town or city, 365 days a year. Leaks are detected by Kingpin acoustic correlating sensors the moment they start. These sensors transmit data via 3G cellular communication, increasing flexibility and bandwidth which enables more data to be sent and analysed on the server.




Kingpin AQUADUCT™ MOBILE Leak Location Solution brings high-end technology to any person’s hands. It is simple to use and contains all the equipment necessary for professional leak detection. It includes a hand-held sensor, ground sensor, listening stick, correlators and hydrophone sensor to create a solution that surpasses conventional methods of leak detection by a mile! Recordings and data is sent to the server for analysis via smartphone.




Kingpin AQUADUCT™ brings you a clear, accurate and updated picture of the condition and integrity of your water pipeline and additionally, sends out automated notifications of leaks as they develop. Daily correlated measurements are collected and the data analysed and easily understood in its action-based format. Kingpin’s GIS-based AQUADUCT™ DASHBOARD, complete with maps, graphs and event history aids you in decision-making regarding water distribution system maintenance and allied services. The generation of work orders becomes easier and more accurate, providing precise location, pipe details, and maps.




You can observe your water system through the Kingpin AQUADUCT™ WEB INTERFACE at any time and make your own analysis of the leak map/GIS. The system is easily deployed to suit user needs, and analyses the data, presenting it in an actionable manner, in tables, charts and on google maps and google street viewer. The data is rich in detail and optimises leak analysis, system maintenance, history analysis, and sensor positioning.




Kingpin AQUADUCT™ is the complete and comprehensive solution for leak monitoring, repair and pipe maintenance. AQUADUCT™ offers you many cutting-edge advantages and a strong future benefit stream. Improved leak detection – with AQUADUCT™ System and Tools, you will cut collateral damage from pipe bursts. You’ll easily prioritize leak repair based on the leak’s flow-rate and water pipe segment replacement. The system also detects sections with high corrosion for special treatment.


We’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative new technology for water pipe network monitoring and leak detection.