Boffin & Fundi conduct first Water Leak Detection pilot for Joburg Water

University of Johannesburg Process, Energy & Environment Technology Station (PEETS) engaged Boffin & Fundi to conduct a leak detection pilot for Johannesburg Water (JW) in late 2018. The sole purpose of the pilot was to provide proof of concept for the technology available in South Africa and to aid in the effective detection of water leaks both proactively and reactively.

The process included the identifying of 2 ideal pilot areas within Gauteng. Boffin & Fundi (B&F) received GIS shape files for the two areas. These files were uploaded on the Aquaduct system. A site visit to Kyalami was followed by a visit to Country culminating with system installations at both Kyalami and Country view.

The duration of the pilot was initially to span over 3 months (Oct 2018- Dec 2018), however the project eventually spanned over 5 months (Nov 2018 – March 2019) due to unforeseen delays such as late receipt of shape files, change of pilot area, pilot area not having adequate installation points, delayed site approval and absence of Joburg Water onsite technical assistance.

The Kyalami pilot was deemed successful, with 6 sensors installed, however no water leaks were detected in that particular area.

The pilot at Country View was also a success, with 8 sensors installed and more than 3 leaks detected. The GIS coordinates were passed on to JW, however only 1 water leak was repaired. After the success of the results in Country View, B&F requested a meeting with the stakeholders to propose changing the pilot site to an area that is metered so as to quantify the impact before and after the water leaks are detected and repaired, however this was not the main purpose of the pilot so a deviation was requested and approved.

JW identified an area that was metered in Midrand and upon installation we immediately detected a water leak, but unfortunately some of our sensors were stolen which caused us to shut down the pilot project.

Given that the technology does work, water leaks were detected and repaired, the University of Johannesburg (PEETS) was assured in concluding the project as successful and thus issued Boffin & Fundi with the necessary documentation to indicate and confirm their positive findings.


Gauteng Premier Mr. David Makhura ‘wowed’ by Kingpin Aquaduct at Tech Conference

Boffin & Fundi launched Kingpin Aquaduct – their world-leading, innovative new technology for water pipe network monitoring and leak detection – at the Gauteng Province e-Gov ‘Technology Innovation Conference’ at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, on 1-2 February 2018. Gauteng Premier Mr. David Makhura was ‘wowed’ by what he saw. He agrees that Kingpin Aquaduct provides real “game-changing” advantages to municipalities in their War on Leaks. Kingpin Aquaduct’s super-accurate, portable tech, along with its dashboard 24/7 monitoring, will give municipalities opportunity to improve monitoring and detection at lower cost, and create jobs around leak monitoring and detection. Mr. Makhura is hopeful that municipalities around the province will actively engage with Boffin & Fundi in adopting this breakthrough technology in the nationwide War on Leaks initiative.