Over the past three years, Boffin & Fundi have customised and deployed our intuitive Kingpin™ business intelligence tools Reporting Dashboard – a Reporting Platform to facilitate management decision making in a number of Municipal projects: City of Tshwane (in 2014), City of Johannesburg (in 2015) City of Ekurhuleni (in 2016), and Sol Plaatje Local Municipality.




Boffin & Fundi have developed a Customer Care module to accentuate a customer‑centric approach as an enabling mechanism for service delivery efficiency and revenue optimisation, particularly in Municipalities. The System (through its functions) has enabled us to reduce the reconnection turnaround time from 48 hours to approximately 4 hours for reconnections.




All of Boffin & Fundi’s clients enjoy our services across structured network cabling; wireless network; network optimization; network design; fibre optic solutions; WAN bandwidth optimisation; GSM/3G/4G base station and antenna installations and maintenance and innovative (sophisticated) web-based applications.

Swift Development and Deployment of Mobile App for Meter Audit & Data Cleansing: The Case of Sol Plaatje Local Municipality (SPLM)

In June 2015, Sol Plaatje Local Municipality (SPLM) appointed Boffin & Fundi as a specialist service provider for Meter Audit and Data Cleansing. The ultimate goal was to update (cleanse) the Revenue Masterfile Data and link it to m-SCOA in terms of functions, sub-function, revenue and funding source, as well as regional indicator (in terms of ward, suburb and town).

As part of our mandate, we undertook a complete water and electricity meter audit; implemented meter reading for one cycle; and reviewed meter reading routes and made recommendations of the most suitable ones. For the execution of this project, Boffin & Fundi swiftly developed and deployed a customised Mobile Application which anchored our project delivery within a remarkable four (4) months turnaround time.

From a revenue optimisation point of view, we assessed the status quo, identified bottlenecks and recommended the requisite interventions. This partnership between SPLM and Boffin & Fundi contributed to a clean and reliable Revenue Masterfile (database) that is linked to m-SCOA — a vital cog in the optimisation of revenue recovery from Municipal services rendered.

Smarter cities of the future – ICT Innovation & Adaption 1

In navigating the path towards smart and innovative cities of the future, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and the challenges and opportunities surrounding it needs to be recognized for the pivotal role it plays in connecting the public, private and social sectors of society. Whilst transforming urban areas into smart cities of the future will require an innovative and inclusive approach towards ICT, emphasis will also need to be placed on the human element.



Smarter cities of the future – ICT Innovation & Adaption

The concept of the ‘smart city’ has emerged as a term to describe a city that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and the resultant data to improve infrastructure, public utilities, service delivery and more. Yet building a smart city is about more than just utilising technology; it is about ICT innovation, collaboration and transformation that improves the quality of life of citizens and generations to come.