Revenue Optimisation

Boffin & Fundi advances the performance of South African enterprises, through effective revenue optimisation, credit control and debt recovery process improvements. These improvements address the trifecta of revenue protection, enhancement and growth.

Our process management software and digital dashboards offer organisations a system of integrated applications to manage the business in real time and to automate many functions relating to technology, services and human resources.

Our promise is built upon these three revenue optimisation pillars, and across all revenue generating services. And it is realised through the deployment of a number of products and solutions, often as customised and bundled solutions, depending upon the specific needs, context and challenges that must be met.


Having cut our teeth in helping South African Municipalities to improve their outlook, today we also enjoy an increasing demand for our services and solutions from the major cellular companies and retail groups.


Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

Debt Recovery Process Management



Unique to the industry, our Revenue Management Dashboards provide analytics in real time, including analysis of debt book, customer data verification, debtor categorisation/profiling, social footprint analysis, debtor contact and debt collection, along with the monitoring of bad debt, tracing, and blacklisting.

Credit Control Process Management



Unlike credit control modules in other ERP systems and their implementers, our solutions include cycles’ management and verifications, account (payment) verifications, exception reports and fully automated analytics. We also provide the mandatories, such as electronic and printed job cards, job card archive, contractor allocations and assignments, GIS coordinates, reconnection allocation and SMS notifications.

Mobile Customer Billing Application



Our Mobile Customer Billing Applications offer a line-up of winning features that provide far greater value than our competitors are able to offer:


  • EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment)
  • Mobile Billing Payment Platform
  • Enquiry Services
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Mobile Reading Upload
  • Call Centre Support
  • Multiple Platform (web & mobile)
  • Automated validation of meter readings


Our solutions will capacitate Municipalities and Estate Management companies, and enhance efficiencies, improve collections and customer relations.

Our fully integrated KINGPIN™ revenue management processes and technologies system provides the dynamic engagement, deployment and monitoring framework.

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