Boffin & Fundi offers improved IT processes, including revenue dashboards and mobile billing applications.


Thanks to Boffin & Fundi’s innovative Kingpin™ information technologies, many of our clients enjoy an integrated solution that delivers improved control and optimised revenues, with end-to-end capacitation, seamlessly driven by our switched-on information technology!

Mobile Application Development



With the goals of unlimited visualization and intelligent decision making, our Apps are provided as standalone applications, suites of applications, components of enterprise resource planning systems, with or without digital dashboard interfaces. They can be customised and are also provided as components of software targeted to particular industries.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications Platform



Our bespoke Kingpin™ integrated technologies bring external (field) and internal information together in real time, allowing clients to manage their provisioning, processes, billings and revenues on userdriven dashboards that offer swift managerial decision-making. Kingpin’s digital dashboards generate clear lines of progress in ever-challenging landscapes.


Fully flexible and versatile, our user-driven, real time, digital dashboards enable customers to manage their services and revenue goals in the context of environment and process change, and include offsite quality control monitoring and validation.


Kingpin™ represents constant innovation, outstanding proprietary technology and a track record of great results.

Business Intelligence Tools



Our Kingpin™ integrated technologies bring the flexibility and versatility of our intuitive Kingpin™ business intelligence tools to help you understand trends and derive insights from your data, for smart tactical and strategic business decisions.


Kingpin™ Business Intelligence tools offer advanced analytics solutions including real-time predictive analytics, planning and analysis, supported by visualisation and mobile analytics applications, along with a host of valuable functions on one platform.

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